Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The final countdown!

Well, we had another prenatal appt. today - I am officially 2cm dilated and almost completely effaced. The baby is down about as far as s/he can go without falling out! :) Our midwife said that basically, it could be any day now. Of course, that also means that it could be next week or the week after too! We are very excited to meet our little one and can't wait to find out whether the Meatloaf is a boy or girl!!

Just for fun - if you want to take a guess at the sex and due date - send us a message! Sorry, there won't be a prize - just the satisfaction of knowing you got it right! :)

I'm putting some pics up as well. I am one day shy of being 37 weeks in the one pic. The other pics are of the nursery!! Thanks again to Debbie and Danny (Lindsay's mom and step-dad) for the dresser and the amazingly comfortable glider/recliner!!


andeleigha said...

You have me at a loss as to gender based on the way you are carrying and what you told me about the heartrate but I will take a stab at it, a girl.
I love your nursery, it looks sooo cool. Ours is still a work in progress, it has been since before it was Gabbie's nursery and now her big girl room is a work in progress too. Maybe you and Lindsay can come visit us and inspire Carlos and I to finish their rooms.
I am so excited for you and I can't wait for our kids to play together when we get to visit with you all again.

Randy said...

Okay, help me out here for a min.
I thought there was a BABY... where are the pics, what gives???
She ain't ugly is she?
LOL... just kidding, she is beautiful.
Looking forward to the pics.
I love you... More

-- Randy