Monday, March 30, 2009


Well, we had our prenatal appt. today. Everything is looking good - I had a brief crying spell when I heard the heartbeat. :) It's a sound that just never gets old to me - I could listen to our baby's heartbeat all day long!!

We did get another ultrasound to check the placenta. It has moved, but only slightly. But it's 1.5 cm away from the cervix and that is enough for a vaginal delivery so, we are VERY happy!! We will get another ultrasound in 4 more weeks to see if it has moved further. We got a cute picture of the baby's face and got to see a big foot near my ribs (the Meatloaf is head down already!!). We also got to see that the baby already has some hair!! Personally, I am very excited about that!! The tech estimated that Meatloaf weighs around 3.1lbs.

Well, I guess that is all for now - I will post the ultrasound pics tomorrow, hopefully! Thanks for all of the positive thoughts and prayers about the placenta! It worked!! :)

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