Friday, January 9, 2009


Cindy created this blog soon after we learned we were pregnant, but then decided to wait and publish it until we were out of the first trimester . We were a bit cautious about things for the first 12-13wks, despite telling everyone and their mother that we were pregnant. :)

So, let me try to briefly recap the last 11wks... Elation, nausea, fear, anxiety, joy, and french fries. I think that about covers it. :) Just kidding, I'll add a little more detail.

We have had 3 visits to the doctor's office now. Instead of an OB/GYN we are using a wonderful Midwife, Melissa Courtney. At all of our visits we have gotten to hear the baby's heartbeat. Each time it has been both reassuring and amazing! We both teared up - big surprise! - when we got to hear it for the first time during the ultrasound at 8wks. It sounded a lot like the Kentucky Derby. :)

Aside from the occasional craving for McDonald's fries, Cindy is doing a great job of taking care of our baby! She is trying to drink lots of water and eat a balanced diet. (If anyone knows where we can get a good watermelon this time of year, Cindy would be eternally greatful for that information.) She is also going to prenatal yoga classes. The baby must like it because Cindy said Meatloaf was moving around a lot during the last session. :) I'm so jealous that she can feel the baby already and I can't! She started to feel the little flutters around 13 weeks, but I probably won't get to feel them on the outside until 20 or 21 weeks. Even though that's only a few weeks away, it's still driving me crazy!

Stay tuned for a post next week. We will be having another ultrasound on Monday and we can't wait to share the new picture of our Meatloaf!

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