Monday, January 19, 2009

Our mover and shaker!!

Well, we finally got to see our baby again today!! The baby was moving all over the place so, we didn't get very many good pictures. We will post the two we did get hopefully tomorrow. Everything looks great!! The tech checked all the baby parts and organs and said everything looks great! Right now, she estimated the baby weighs approx. 12oz so, s/he's right on target. In case you don't know - we decided not to find out the gender so, it will be a surprise come June!

The only problem we saw was that the placenta is low-lying near the cervix. This is apparently not uncommon at this stage and it typically corrects itself. We will get another ultrasound at our next appt. in Feb. to make sure that it is moving up away from the cervix. Hopefully, we will get some better pictures with that one!!

It was wonderful to see the baby!! It is so amazing to see that little life moving around inside of you. We did get to see some clear shots of the baby's legs, toes and face - it was awesome! I am feeling the baby move pretty regularly now and s/he seems to really like to punch/kick my bladder!! :) It's such a strange feeling to have your bladder poked from the inside.

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SJ said...

So glad all is well! This is Steph, by the way...great idea to start a blog--I bet June can't come fast enough for you guys! =)