Thursday, March 26, 2009

The room!!

We are excited to finally start getting the baby's room ready!! Linds did an AMAZING job on the basement so, we moved the family room furniture (the light stuff anyway!) back into that room and moved the guest room furniture downstairs to the small room.

Amazingly, Linds and I agreed on a crib!! It wasn't one of the ones we were originally looking at, but we both loved it and it was on sale!! A huge THANK YOU to Jeff and Chrissie (Linds' dad and step-mom) for getting us the crib!! Thanks to our friend Becky too for helping us pick it up and move it in!

On another note, I passed my gestational diabetes test and my iron is normal (I was anemic with Jonah) so, that's good news. I'm not sure where I'm getting my iron from because I'm struggling to eat meat. We didn't get the placenta checked at the last visit, but will at the next appt. on Monday. We are all confident that it has moved up, but would welcome any positive thoughts, energy and prayer that anyone wants to send our way!

Also, our first baby shower is this weekend so, we are VERY excited about that!! I will be seeing some friends that I haven't seen in a long time so, that makes it even better!!


andeleigha said...

I love that armoir! The crib is pretty too.

Allyson said...

Yay! You know I check your blog everyday..just hoping there will be more pictures and VOILA! They appeared. The crib is a beautiful piece of furniture AND it was on sale! BONUS!! Can't wait to see you all tomorrow. Now, in true Allyson-fashion, I'm off to shop for your shower gifts. ;) (It's only 6:12 on Saturday night - not like it's midnight or anything)!!

Elias and Heather said...

The room looks great!!! Hope you have fun at the shower. Wish I could be there. :( Love you guys

jen said...

What a great baby room! Did you paint the armoir?